Bosten's adoption story.

In September of 2008 we went in for a quick update with our new caseworker at the agency. She stepped out for a minute, and came back with blue balloons, a teddy bear, and a sweet letter from a birth mom saying that she'd chosen us to be the family for her baby boy. We were so excited!

Kyle and I had met at the agency, so were in two separate cars. We both started calling everyone we knew to share the good news. My parents happened to be moving to Utah that day, and we made them stop at Wendy's so we could meet them there and tell them the news in person.

Kaden was pretty excited about having a new baby join our family. He wanted to help get everything ready.

Kaden with Curious George strapped in the carseat.

We were finally able to meet Bosten birth mom (and her parents) a couple of weeks later. It was a great meeting, and we both had lots of questions for each other. We loved her immediately!

Bosten's birth mom.

After our first meeting, we emailed regularly and met for dinner. Then, the wait was on. Finally, she emailed that she was going to be induced on Monday, October 27th. It was a long day of waiting, but we finally got the phone call. He was here!

Meeting Bosten for the first time at the hospital.

An hour before placement, we got a phone call that there had been "developments". Its a long story, but the birth father decided to cause some drama and it had to be figured out before he could come home. It was a long 10 days (and we visited him everyday) and finally he could come home!

Placement day!

The drama continued for almost a year regarding Bosten's adoption. It was a hard time, but we knew he was supposed to be in our family, and that all would be well eventually.

Finally, it was time to finalize! It was such a happy day! The judge let us take pictures with him, and even let Kaden bang his gavel and say, "Order in the court!" So fun.

We have a very OPEN adoption with Bosten's birth mom (and her family). We email regularly, send pictures, and see them occasionally. We're grateful for them and for their support of our family! We love them and are privileged to have them as an extension of our family.

Bosten and his birth mom.

Bosten with some of his birth family.

A visit with his birth mom and her parents on his 3rd birthday.