We keep our promises

Thank you.

We know you are facing some really hard and important decisions.  We hope you find comfort and peace as you consider all of your options.  Thank you for considering adoption and thank you for considering our family.  Please know that we think of you and pray for you on a daily basis.

 We 're not sure what kind of contact you're interested in (before or after the birth of your baby), but we want you to know that we're willing to have an open adoption.  All three of our adoptions are very different, but are based on what their birth mothers wanted.  We are willing to be flexible and work out a plan together.

Jaime Lee Curtis, an adoptive mom herself said, "We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange.  It is not done lightly on either side."  We couldn't agree more.  We want you to know that we keep our promises.  We are anxious to get to know you, and we hope to hear from you soon.