Kaden's adoption story.

We were living in Oregon when we adopted Kaden. In January of 2005, we came home from Florida (and a failed adoption) feeling pretty sad and discouraged. It was exactly a month later that we were matched with another birth mom (who happened to be from Florida!). We got to talk with her on the phone, and got to know her a little bit. We made a plan to be at the hospital when the baby was born, on or around March 17th. Kaden had other ideas though, and decided to come a month early.

On February 17th, Kyle had worked all day, and then had driven up to Seattle to be there for business meetings the next day. Around 8pm I got a call from our case worker who said, "You're having a baby tonight...you'd better get to Utah!" I was FREAKED OUT (in a good way). We had nothing packed, the laundry wasn't done, we weren't going to make it before the baby came, and Kyle was in another state! YIKES. Kyle decided to drive home from Seattle and that gave me a chance to get stuff done at home. I picked him up in Portland, and away we went. We drove all night, and got to the hospital the next day.

Meeting Kaden.

We spent the next couple of days at the hospital with Kaden and his birth mom.

Placement day.

We didn't go to court to finalize Kaden's adoption. In Oregon, the judge signed the paperwork, and it was done.

We love Kaden's birth mom and are so grateful that Kaden's in our family! It took us 5 1/2 years to have children in our home, but he was worth the wait! Kaden's birth mom wanted a pretty closed adoption after meeting us and the delivery. We continue to send her letters and pictures, but never have heard from her since placement.